About Us

Your Credentialing Concierge

Convenience and accuracy are what sets the CredConsultants apart from the competition. Our personalized service centered approach is what makes us #1 in the industry.
The average healthcare provider spends most of their time on credentialing, enrollment and billing issues instead of seeing patients. If the medical school curricula were based on the harsh reality of how healthcare professionals spend their time, 3 semesters would be dedicated to the daunting and time-consuming tasks of payer enrollment and credentialing.
Let’s be honest, you didn’t spend all your time and money on your professional education to be bombarded with non-clinical necessities. Let us handle the headache for you. Our nationally certified credentialing concierges are experts at the credentialing and enrollment process and everything in between. Not only will they help you navigate thru the process, they will be available 24/7 to meet all your credentialing and enrollment needs.
We are a service driven company with over 10 years of experience in the field of credentialing. Imagine the hospitality you receive at your favorite 5-star resort, CredConsultants will provide you with the same courtesy and service (minus the mint on your pillow…unless you just really love mints then we can provide them too). Let us serve you, so you can better serve others.